Consider the cost of your home. Many people use at least one room for dumping and/or storing their possessions. If the room is 10 X 10 feet, it is 100 feet of your living space being used to store your clutter. Just think the average cost of a home is at least $150.00 per square foot. So it would be costing you $15,000.00 for storage.


  • Groceries

Forgotten food in the back of a fridge, only to be thrown away for the next grocery run. Expired  food on the pantry shelves because you couldn’t  find the item you wanted when you needed it and so you just bought more.

  • Personal Products

Outdated sun screen, bug repellent, medications, make-up and lotions.

  • Cleaning Products

We have a need to try every new product that comes to the market before the others are used up.


Our home should be our refuge from the outside world where we can relax and enjoy our day to day living.  Having chaos around you can cause feelings of anxiety, and make you feel overwhelmed to the point that you cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of just being home. Clutter robs you of your energy,  and can affect how you feel about yourself.


Excessive clutter can interfere with our relationships with others. You may be too embarrassed to have guests over for a visit. Your children or teenagers do not bring their friends home, so they go out more often.  Relationships between spouses and partners can be negatively affected as well especially when they blame each other for the clutter.


It takes longer to clean your home when the clutter is too much. You lose many hours trying to find things, you have to look longer and dig deeper.

Clutter makes life harder and the cost just keeps adding up!

You do not have to tackle this alone. Call iOrganizit – we can help.


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